Sunrise Over Europe

Sunrise Over Europe are a gang of Birmingham musicians known for their ear-splitting and heart-wrecking live shows, their anthemic, hoarse-throated refrains, and their relentless promotion of their peers in and outside their scene.

On record, their nuanced touch with a gut-wrenching hook goes hand in hand with their self-appointed position as doomsayers to the world. It’s caustic and explosive at first, and then intimate and sorrowful at the most unexpected moments. But the lid really gets lifted when they take the stage together, and the fire rages; it’s a bewildering storm of cymbals, a wall of guitars, and a power-house of raw, bloody emotion for all to see. Drums pound and drive the noise forwards, taking over your ears, and then your chest; first your head, and then your heart.

As curators of Birmingham’s ‘Watchfires’ music night, Sunrise Over Europe are establishing their reputation as proud champions of local troubadours: the less conventional, the better. Restless and ambitious, spokespeople for their times, these kids are only getting started.

What they say about ‘We Raised the Flames and Built a City on the Ashes’:

“An utterly devastating portrait of loss and fear, performed with shameless, bruised honesty… this record is beautiful, angry, heartbreaking and frightening and you should listen to Sunrise Over Europe immediately.”
-God is in the TV


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