• It’s Raining Glass and Tears [Reissue]

David Benjamin Blower



16 Aug 2004


Benjamin Blower‘s debut release, the sprawling, bewildering ‘It’s Raining Glass and Tears’, already bears the hallmarks of Blower’s sound and philosophy.

The breakdown of society, the rejection of previous cultural wisdom, the rise of celebrity culture – Blower tears through his subject matter with a wild-eyed fury, laying claim to what would become his regular lyrical stomping ground. In the process he explores the outer limits of his sound, as broken-glass samples, glitchy, foreboding drums and foggy drones vie for the listener’s attention.

Reissued from Zang Productions, ‘It’s Raining Glass and Tears’ remains a bar-raising statement of intent in Blower’s catalogue, as he bares his soul, his woes and his passion in an uncompromising lyrical siege. It’s a boat-burning moment; win or lose, life or death, Blower doesn’t leave himself the option of retreating.

“An aggressive, hostile collection of songs.. friends, I should imagine, worry about Benjamin Blower” 
-The Line of Best Fit

“A powerfully unique cacophony of sounds” -Cross Rhythms


David Benjamin Blower

David Benjamin Blower is a writer, musician, and community theologian from Birmingham, UK. He is a prolific recording artist, a master of stark lyricism and apocalyptic protest-folk; the unconventional wisdom of his work is fast gaining appreciation with a wide audience.

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