• Exiles [Reissue]

David Benjamin Blower

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22 Oct 2012


A musical cousin to 2008′s ‘The Pillar of Smoke’, the post-folk ‘Exiles’ tells the story of the nation of Israel’s Babylonian exile in the year 586BC, implicitly drawing comparisons to modern-day experiences of a lost nationhood.

Reissued from Zang Productions, it’s by turns tragic, comedic and courageously hopeful, it meanders through folk, jazz and pop, all with the misty colour of a faded photograph.

‘Exiles’ opens properly with ‘I Remember the House (Pt. 1)’, seemingly the most conventional song Benjamin Blower has penned for some time – until it shifts into a wholly unexpected cascade of 8-bit keyboards. It’s movements like this that make it clear the album is a break with the no-frills aesthetic of his ‘Army of the Broken Hearted’ work. Blower once again explores the boundaries of his sound, and unearths a narrative voice that beckons you to sit around the fire and immerse yourself in a unique historical tale.


David Benjamin Blower

David Benjamin Blower is a writer, musician, and community theologian from Birmingham, UK. He is a prolific recording artist, a master of stark lyricism and apocalyptic protest-folk; the unconventional wisdom of his work is fast gaining appreciation with a wide audience.

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