• The Darkness Doesn’t Love You Baby, Come Out While You Can [Reissue]

Benjamin Blower & The Army of the Broken Hearted

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22 Mar 2010


Reissued from Zang Productions, Benjamin Blower‘s first outing under the ‘Army of the Broken Hearted’ moniker is a decisive break with the past, a purposeful departure from audio tricks and studio production in favour of a lower-than-lo-fi, chain-gang stomp.

Above the rattle of homemade percussion and a scuzzy acoustic guitar on the edge of death, Blower bellows taut, gut-punching soapbox slogans aimed to rouse a directionless people.

The Army of the Broken Hearted is Blower’s mercurial collective that explore concepts of community, artistic expression, provocative thought and cultural apocalypse. As the blueprint for the collective’s philosophy and approach, ‘The Darkness Doesn’t Love You Baby, Come Out While You Can’ is the most aggressively anti-music-industry piece in Blower’s catalogue. Promotional ‘gigs’ were abandoned as the group played on the high streets and in the alleyways of Birmingham. Anyone could join the ‘band’ by picking up a shaker and singing along.

‘The Darkness Doesn’t Love You…’ veers from blackly comic to softly heartbreaking, as Blower spills out tales of everyday oppression, narcissism and blindness, singing himself hoarse in the brave hope that things can be changed.


David Benjamin Blower

David Benjamin Blower is a writer, musician, and community theologian from Birmingham, UK. He is a prolific recording artist, a master of stark lyricism and apocalyptic protest-folk; the unconventional wisdom of his work is fast gaining appreciation with a wide audience.

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