Helping musicians and poets to write, produce, print and promote their art

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Artists helping artists.

We’re a West Midlands & London collective that provide production, art direction and project management to small-time musicians and poets.

Welcome the Stranger

We’re used to seeing rows of refugee tents in faraway lands. The camps that now appear on our own borders mark a new thing. The Strangers have made a fork in the road in front of us. What now?

David Benjamin Blower’s ‘Welcome the Stranger’ is a non-profit album, on sale to support those working with refugees in Calais, released with support from Minor Artists.

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‘Sojourner’ by Stewart Garry is a cinematic folk album, recorded live in various locations around the UK, and filmed at the same time, released in May 2016. We managed the full project from planning to photography, editing, mixing, mastering and art direction.

Printed and digital copies are available from our online shop.

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The Hardest Part

Singer-songwriter Matt Tinsley released his Kickstarter-funded EP ‘The Hardest Part’, with art direction, photography and video production provided from us. You might find other Minor Artists playing living-room shows with him too…

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The Crux

“Outrageous, original, unique, and someone who finally brings something new to the rap game… left me speechless and amazed”. mStork is not your average rap package, unabashedly expansive and genuinely rebellious. We co-wrote and produced this dexterous and chameleonic EP.

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Face-to-face, ugly, sweaty and friendly: that's where Minor Artists thrive. Don't just look us up online - come and meet us, chat to us, and join our bands.



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