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We’re a (mostly) Birmingham + West Midlands collective of musicians and artists. Men and women making inspiring, entertaining, and confusing music.
You could call us a label, but there's no division of suits + artists: we handle our business and we help each other. Here's some of the projects we've made so far.

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The Book of Jonah

David Benjamin Blower’s most ambitious project to date emerges on 13th March 2017: a radiophonic production of The Book of Jonah; narrated in its entirety by Professor N. T. Wright; featuring Professor Alastair McIntosh as the prophet himself.

Blower creates an ambitious and cinematic soundscape behind the tale, interwoven with characteristically eccentric songs that veer from polka cabaret to macabre dirges, laden with broken harmoniums, thundering percussion and waves of strings. Watch the trailer and pre-order the album at the link below.

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Sympathy for Jonah

The story of Jonah is sacred to all three Abrahamic faiths and remains a recognizable legend even in the most secularized corners of the West. And yet the maritime prophet’s story has been trivialized as a quaint children’s tale, his character has been blasted by unsympathetic commentators, and even his alleged tomb has now been destroyed by Islamic State militants.

David Benjamin Blower’s second book is a recovery of the story of Jonah, a guiding light, who marches into the very heart of empire and confronts it with the radical politics of the kingdom of God, even as his own certainties are shaken to the core.

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‘Sojourner’ by Stewart Garry is a cinematic folk album, recorded live in various locations around the UK, and filmed at the same time, released in May 2016. We managed the full project from planning to photography, editing, mixing, mastering and art direction.

Printed and digital copies are available from our online shop.

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The Crux

“Outrageous, original, unique, and someone who finally brings something new to the rap game… left me speechless and amazed”. mStork is not your average rap package, unabashedly expansive and genuinely rebellious. We co-wrote and produced this dexterous and chameleonic EP.

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