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David Benjamin Blower

A compilation of spirituals, murder ballads and campfire songs; digging through the soil of life in search of hope and humanity. Read More


David Benjamin Blower

  • Also Go With Thee"

From 'Hymns for Nomads'


The Blood Magnetic

  • Epiphany"

From 'Epiphany' EP


David Benjamin Blower

  • Sailors' Vows"

From 'The Book of Jonah'


Stewart Garry

  • Patience is a Virtue"

From 'Sojourner'



Epiphany EP / The Blood Magnetic

The debut EP by a new baroque-pop-indie duo, a year-long project reimagining classic ‘Christmas’ poetry, overturning the familiar and saccharine into a rush of weird beauty.

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The Book of Jonah / David Benjamin Blower

Minor Artists present a radiophonic production of the Book of Jonah; narrated by Professor N.T. Wright, starring Professor Alastair McIntosh as Jonah, with soundscapes and songs by David Benjamin Blower.

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Sojourner / Stewart Garry

‘Sojourner’ by Stewart Garry is a cinematic folk album, recorded live in various locations around the UK, and filmed at the same time, released in May 2016. We managed the full project from planning to photography, editing, mixing, mastering and art direction.

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Outremer / Ebenezer

The debut release from the multi-faceted electronic producer, ‘Outremer’, is an organic swamp defying genres and expectations.

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About Minor Artists

We're (mostly) Birmingham-based musicians and writers: music-makers, self-managed DIY artists, crowd-funded by our listeners, making apocalyptic folk music.

noun | apoc • a • lypse

An 'uncovering', a disclosure of knowledge. Truth pulls no punches.

genre | folk music

As in 'folklore': songs made to belong to everyone.

Welcome to the music anti-industry.

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