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    Stagger EP / Strange Ghost


    Warped-pop duo Strange Ghost release their debut EP, a rolling cloud of synths, dragging beats and zestful melodies.

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    Kingdom Vs. Empire [LP] / Benjamin Blower & The Army of the Broken Hearted

    CD + BOOK / MP3 + EBOOK

    This epoch-defining album from Benjamin Blower and the Army of the Broken Hearted comes with liner notes so expansive, they’ve become a book in their own right. 11 blisteringly politicised junk-folk songs from the streets of Birmingham with a 100-page manifesto, written for everyday people stuck in the coma of British cultural life.

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    Good Sky EP / Josiah Gillespie


    Josiah Gillespie‘s first release on Minor Artists is a cross-section of life, frozen in time; family, friendships and fallouts laid beside one another in all their hopefulness and loss.

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