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30 May 2024


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Released on 25th September 2011

“A one-of-a-kind astral experience… beautiful in its own majestic way, ‘I Am a Thief’ will grow into your senses like a garden in springtime.” -Frost Click

“Playing like the Notwist musically and like She & Him vocally, Fiction Fight uses all its drama to emote a drastic swing between electronica and wholesome song-writing.” –Dingus

The melodies might be the first thing that draws you to ‘I Am A Thief’: delicate, passionate, broken and bright; but as you listen closer the lyrics cut through with sincerity and affection. These are never-before-heard psalms set to a backdrop of intricately constructed, organic pop-rock, played by a 6-piece powerhouse band. It exists in entirely its own time and space: unselfconsciously sincere, at once grounded and transcendent.

Fiction Fight was a constantly evolving beast, creating twisting soundscapes on record, and clouds of percussive, swamping noise onstage. As of 2012, the band is not planning any further shows or releases, but ‘I Am a Thief’ is still available here, for free – originally released on Bandcamp for whatever price you choose.

David Benjamin Blower

David Benjamin Blower is a writer, musician, and community theologian from Birmingham, UK. He is a prolific recording artist, a master of stark lyricism and apocalyptic protest-folk; the unconventional wisdom of his work is fast gaining appreciation with a wide audience.

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