• Stagger EP

Strange Ghost



18 May 2017


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Emerging from the belly of Birmingham, warped-pop duo Strange Ghost release their debut EP, a rolling cloud of synths, dragging beats and zestful melodies that simmers with political heat and contorts itself into changing, billowing shapes.

With their first release for Birmingham collective Minor Artists, the husband-wife team of Christopher and Ayomide Donald make music soaked in the fiery sauce of R&B legends like Jazmine Sullivan and Janelle Monae, and baked in the tape-warping heat of electronic super-producers from Flying Lotus to Portishead.

Disregard for genre conventions is a given on this apocalyptic lava flow of afrobeat, house, punk and pop. Its heart beats with the anarchic arrhythmia of a non-Westminster town, spurning the fashion pages and the bright white lights for a subversive, multicoloured sprawl. There’s water to be found under your feet.

‘Stagger’ is densely catchy, serious and absurd, sweet and dangerous; equally primed for speaker rattling or headphone sessions; the duo’s prismatic, arresting introduction to the world.


Strange Ghost

Strange Ghost are the husband-wife duo of Christopher and Ayomide Donald, a psychedelic afropunk band from the south of Birmingham, combining futuristic production with a love of classic R&B and a subversive mythology all their own.


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