• The Crux EP




20 Apr 2014


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mSTORK’s newest release, ‘The Crux’, is the perfect storm of sounds and ideas, and a collaboration with London-based producer/guitarist/songwriter Ebenezer.

Amongst Ebenezer’s dexterous synths, palpitating electronic beats and guitar scribbles, Michael Stork’s lyrics pour out with an unmistakable brightness and gravitas. Whether electronic and acoustic these finely balanced songs grow and mutate with every listen; what initially sounds like misty pastoral ambience might on a second listen reveal itself to be the smoke-stained morning after the apocalypse. Like the man himself, it defies classification.



As a rap vocalist mSTORK has forged a distinctive path over the last 15 years through numerous albums and live shows around the UK. mSTORK is unafraid to tackle innocence and guilt, the everyman and the deviant, science and folklore, spirit and flesh, all with a delight in language and outlawish charm.


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